Tuesday, March 4, 2014

One Line Applications - The Next Step

When life insurance companies look at the cost of acquiring new business, it is very clear that the processing of a paper application is much more expensive than one submitted electronically.  Over the past several years, several companies have offered proprietary on line submission programs on a voluntary basis with varied success.  Led by Genworth Financial, we are now seeing what looks to be the next step in the transition from paper to electronic submission of life applications.

Beginning April 7, 2014, if a Colony Term paper application for $250,000 face amount
or below is received on or after this date, Genworth Financial will process it but pay no commission or
incentive compensation on the case. You can contact them to cancel a case and resubmit via their LQR on line submission program for the commission to be payable.

They will pay commissions and incentive compensation per standard eligibility rules on all cases $250,000 and below that are submitted through LQR or the iLQR process they offer through iPipeline. Colony Term tickets may be submitted using Life Quick Request through agency websites, iPipeline’s IGO and via Aplifi AFFIRM for Life.  You can visit our Need To Know Page for more complete details of this program.

It is our belief that other companies will follow Genworth Financials lead in requiring on line submission of applications and to assist agents and brokers in this process, Affiliated Marketing and it's partners have developed DataRaptor.

DataRaptor is the most revolutionary and robust insurance sales system in the world. Designed with the insurance professional in mind, DataRaptor is more than a typical CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system – it is an evolutionary change in the way insurance is sold!

  • Personalized e-marketing website
  • Field underwriting & suitability tools
  • Quote and Submission for multiple companies
  • A consistent one page application for all carriers
  • Nurture campaigns for leads and clients
  • Automated follow-ups based on lead status
  • One click data transfer to forms & applications
  • Task & event tracking
  • Integrated case status & notes
  • Click-to-call dialing
  • Incorporated text messaging
  • Detailed sales reports

By adopting a proven method of working smarter – not harder – you can maximize the value of every lead and client, too! Based on an intuitive, web-based design, the DataRaptor Sales Management System was built by top producers to provide the tools you need to succeed.
Top insurance producers have an edge based on a systematized, automated approach to managing their business. They sell more, earn more, and have happier clients because they effectively :

  • track leads and sales opportunities
  • minimize non-revenue generating task
automate marketing, lead generation, and sales functions.