Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Navigator Pay

Navigator Pay
As most of you are aware, in addition to brokers and agents selling though the insurance exchanges (if approved by your state), there will be a new group called Navigators that will assist individuals and groups when they chose a plan through the exchange.
Here are a couple of states that have announced the payments that will be made to their navigators:
California will pay Navigators $58 per successful enrollment. Assuming a California Navigator successfully enrolls 4 applications per day or 940 applications annually, California estimated that a full-time Navigator with supervision, overhead, and labor expenses will cost $54,500 annually, or $26.20 per hour. The actual rate of pay for a Navigators and Enrollment Assisters will depend on the entity that employs the Navigator or Enrollment Assister and the awarded block grants.

Arkansas estimates it would pay In Person Assisters (IPA) $12.00 per hour, excluding taxes, benefits or other employment costs. Nevada’s contract with Kelly Services uses an administrative fee of 35%. If this same formula was used in Arkansas, the estimated cost of Arkansas’s IPAs would actually be $16.20 per hour.

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